The Autonomous Vehicle Advanced Technologies for situational  AwaReness

About The AVATAR Consortium

The consortium is an Israeli IIA MAGNET program
We develop cutting edge technologies for smart vehicles, producing 3D situational awareness based on sensor fusion and AI.
We utilize Simulation to prove development efficiency as well as performance validation.
Our solutions incorporate regular imagery (VIS) as well as IR imagery, radar and Lidar sensors.
Our full suit aims for L4/L5 vehicles but our partners support L2/L3 requirements as well.

Our main focus of the research is:
• Artificial intelligence
• Sensor fusion
• Hardware-Software optimization
• Simulation

The AVATAR Consortium Vision

Developing capabilities to build a detailed and accurate worldview for decision-making autonomous vehicle driving by merging synergistic information from various sensors onto an efficient computer embedded system with innovative algorithms.

Our Industrial Partners

Our Academic Partners

prof. Dani Cohenor Dr. Dan Raviv
Prof. yossi Keshet Prof. Gal Chechic
Dr. Anna Brook
Dr. Daniel Soudry
prof. Ronen basrim dr. meirav Galun
Dr. Eran Treister

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